Sharpeville graves

Anniversary of Sharpeville massacre

On 21 March 1960 at Sharpeville 69 unarmed protestors were shot dead by apartheid police during a protest against the ...
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Billy Connolly

Sir Billy Connolly – Freeman of the City of Glasgow

Sir Billy Connolly was made a freeman of Glasgow in 2010. He was described at the time by Lord Provost ...
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Nelson Mandela Billy Connolly letter

Nelson Mandela’s letter about Billy Connolly receiving Freedom of Glasgow

On 28 July 2010, Nelson Mandela wrote to Glasgow Lord provost Bob Winter on the occasion of Billy Connolly being ...
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Nelson Mandela Place

Hundreds gathered in 1990 to celebrate Mandela’s release

On 11 February 1990 Nelson Mandela was released after 27 years in prison. In Glasgow the Anti-Apartheid Movement called for ...
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Some useful links and resources... South African History Online Forward to Freedom: The history of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement ...
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Andrew Mlangeni

Andrew Mlangeni – fellow Rivonia trialist of Nelson Mandela

Andrew Mlangeni is a fellow Rivonia trialist of Nelson Mandela. Andrew was convicted in 1964 at the same trial as ...
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Chris Bartter

Chris Bartter – An appreciation

Brian Filling, Chair of the Board of the Nelson Mandela Scottish Memorial Foundation, said: “The members of the Board of ...
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Launch video

Sir Alex Ferguson launches campaign (Freedom TV)

Sir Alex Ferguson helped launch the campaign to build a statue of Nelson Mandela in Glasgow yesterday; the group behind ...
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Isobel Tait

What you can do

Treasurer Isobel Tait outlines some ideas for how you can help raise funds for the memorial. The NMSMF’s website will ...
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Brian Filling

Brian Filling – Chair

Brian Filling is the Honorary Consul for South Africa in Scotland. He was the founding Chair of the Scottish Committee ...
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