What was apartheid?

These are just a few main points in a one minute video (with text below) to illustrate what racist apartheid was. For fuller information see South African History Online https://www.sahistory.org.za/article/history-apartheid-south-africa

Some facts about apartheid…

Only 12% of South Africa was White, but Whites ran the country, by law, from the 1700s up to 1994.

Between 1948 and 1994, South Africa passed 317 laws to control Blacks and Coloureds in South Africa.

All South African citizens were classified by law as White, Native African (Black), Coloured (mixed), or Asian.

Only Whites had a universal vote.

If there was disagreement about race, the white government decided.

It was illegal for Whites to marry Blacks or Coloureds, or to live together.

Black children were not required to go to school If they did, the education was for work the White population needed.

Land was classified by law for Blacks,  Coloureds and Whites. If you lived in the ‘wrong’ area, you had to move.

The best areas were reserved for Whites. Blacks were located in townships to serve White areas.

All Blacks had to carry a work pass whenever they left their townships. If you didn’t have your pass, you would be arrested.

There were curfews (sometimes with sirens) when Blacks had to leave urban areas.

Apartheid was based on white supremacism and cheap Black labour making vast profits for the West, led and supported by Britain over decades.

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