Nelson Mandela’s letter about Billy Connolly receiving Freedom of Glasgow

Nelson Mandela Billy Connolly letter
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On 28 July 2010, Nelson Mandela wrote to Glasgow Lord provost Bob Winter on the occasion of Billy Connolly being given the Freedom of the City of Glasgow:-

“1. As a humble past recipient of the Freedom of the City of Glasgow I continue to feel a strong connection to the people of Glasgow, and to your historic City. Glaswegians did so much to support us in our struggle against apartheid, and in 1993, soon after my release from prison, it was my privilege to have the opportunity to visit your freedom-loving part of the world. It was an opportunity to meet in person many of the activists who tirelessly campaigned for an end to one of the most brutal and racist regimes the world has ever known.

“2. In Glasgow I was met with such a warm and heartfelt welcome, I can never forget it. On that most memorable day I saw that Freedom, Brotherhood and Justice are the ideals that make up the bedrock of your great City. Today, it is therefore my honour to have this opportunity to convey a message of goodwill to the City of Glasgow as one of your most beloved sons, Billy Connolly, receives the Freedom of the City. On this special occasion I wish Mr Connolly my congratulations at the high honour being bestowed on him today. Welcome to a very special club indeed!

“3. My warmest wishes also go to the people of Glasgow with my thanks and deepest appreciation, always.”

Nelson Mandela.

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