Oliver Tambo video

Black History Month – Oliver Tambo ‘What foresight. What humanity’

The Nelson Mandela Scottish Memorial Foundation (NMSMF) is celebrating Black History Month with a video marking the 104th anniversary of ...
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Black History Month – Mandela’s visit to Glasgow October 1993 video

The video went live on on 9 October at 1pm. If you missed it, it's still here to view. To ...
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Prisoner of Apartheid, Freeman of Glasgow: 40th Anniversary of Mandela's Freedom of Glasgow

Prisoner of Apartheid, Freeman of Glasgow: 40th Anniversary of Mandela’s Freedom of Glasgow

This special video launched on Wednesday 4 August at 6.30pm to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Glasgow's historic awarding of ...
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Nelson Mandela Day 2021

At 1pm on 18 July we celebrated UN Nelson Mandela International Day by hosting a video event here and on ...
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Video: 35th anniversary of naming Nelson Mandela Place

 On Wednesday 16 June we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the naming of Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow. We ...
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Short video

Short video about statue and education campaign

A short video about the campaign to build a statue of Nelson Mandela in Nelson Mandela Place Glasgow along with ...
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Mandela video

9 Oct 1993 video: The day Mandela told Glasgow ‘We love you all’

Twenty-seven years ago on 9 October 1993 Nelson Mandela danced in Glasgow’s George Square and told the Scottish people “You ...
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Mandela Day 2020

Virtual celebration on UN Nelson Mandela Day in drive for a Scottish people’s statue

 Sadly Andrew Mlangeni, our patron and last surviving Rivonia trialist, died on 22 July 2020 after this video was ...
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Denis Goldberg memorial from Ashleigh da Silva on Vimeo

 Denis Goldberg memorial from Ashleigh da Silva on Vimeo. Denis Goldberg was a patron of the Nelson Mandela Scottish ...
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South African youth choir that sang in Glasgow celebrates Springboks

At the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, the choir sang Shosholoza to celebrate being in the first city in ...
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