42nd anniversary of Freedom of Glasgow award to Nelson Mandela

Statue and education programmeToday the Nelson Mandela Memorial Foundation is marking the awarding of the Freedom of Glasgow to Nelson Mandela on 4th August 1981.

The award was made in Mandela’s absence, of course, since he was still a prisoner on Robben Island, and it was accepted on his behalf by Dr. Alex Ekwueme, then Vice-President of Nigeria (and a graduate of Strathclyde University), in the presence of 16 Commonwealth High Commissioners and Ruth Mompati, the then Chief Representative in the UK of the African National Congress.

John Stevenson’s very informative video to mark the 40th anniversary two years ago is well worth a look and can be viewed HERE.

Twelve years after this ceremony, Nelson Mandela memorably came to Glasgow in person to accept the award, and those of eight other UK local authorities.  We look forward to celebrating the 30th anniversary of that wonderful occasion this October.

Brian Filling, Chair of the Memorial Foundation said: “While Mr Mandela was in prison, many ordinary people in Scotland organised and acted to make sure the world would know about him and the fight against Apartheid.

“That’s why we want today’s generation to join us in raising the funds to make this statue one that they can see as theirs – a ‘people’s statue’ – and an information and education programme to remind future generations of the key part Scotland played in taking action for human rights and challenging racism, and on taking action for a better world.”

Donations to the campaign can be made online at https://mandelascottishmemorial.org/donate

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