Denis Goldberg – our patron, friend and comrade

Denis Goldberg
Denis Goldberg – fellow Rivonia trialist of Nelson Mandela

It is with great sadness that we report the death of our patron Denis Goldberg at the age of 87.

Denis was one of those sentenced in 1964 in South Africa alongside Nelson Mandela for their part in the struggle against apartheid. On his release from prison 22 years later, he continued to work to overcome the apartheid regime and throughout his life for a better future for the South African people.

He had been a very regular visitor to Scotland over the years and many here were proud to call him a friend. He readily agreed to be a NMSMF patron. At the launch of his book ‘The Mission – A life for freedom in South Africa’ in Glasgow, he said: “When I came here after being released from prison, my goodness, it was like being at home, of being enfolded by people wanting to help.”

He was an inspirational and deeply human man who made such a difference in the fight against apartheid. He had a clear unshakeable vision of an equal and just South Africa and never stopped fighting for it. A riveting speaker that could bring tears, alongside a sense of fun that brought laughter.

A fuller appreciation will follow of our friend and comrade but for now our thoughts are with his family,  and his friends and comrades across the world.

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