Welcome to the Scottish Nelson Mandela Memorial Campaign

Nelson Mandela Scottish Memotial FoundationThe Nelson Mandela Scottish Memorial Foundation is raising funds for a statue of Nelson Mandela and an education project to remind Scots of their proud history of solidarity with the South African people in their struggle against apartheid, and to help future generations to stand up against racism and inequality.

We are campaigning round key events like Glasgow being the first in the world to grant Mandela the Freedom of the City. Check out the information below and please donate.


Glasgow Eurydice Choir celebrates Nelson Mandela

Glasgow Eurydice choir honours Nelson Mandela. Singing Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika at the gathering in honour of Nelson Mandela Friday 6th ...
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The day the Glasgow police saluted Mandela

The day the Glasgow police saluted Mandela

A personal memory from one of those who saw Mandela in George Square in 1993. "As we watched him come ...
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